I’m in a different hemisphere!


Hello!  I am not supposed to read any emails today but I can send you a short email.  My P-day will be on Tuesday, so I’ll read and respond to your emails in the morning or afternoon then.

     It was so cool to see all the elders at the airport.  There were about nineteen elders and me!  I felt outnumbered.  It doesn’t match the church statistics for elders to sisters at all.  I finally met two sisters in Atlanta where we joined up with a number of other elders.  The elders were nice but I just don’t have much to say in conversations about the best kinds of ties (floral, and you get extra points for a cool material — my seatmate Elder Childs has a chainmail tie he made himself) and the best type of slacks for men (golf pants apparently).  I tried valiantly to sleep on the flight to Brazil but had little success — I kept jolting awake.  It was painful. Unfortunately Jesus the Christ is not the sort of book that is easy to read on little sleep on an exciting plane ride.  I’m so excited to be here and it’s finally starting to sink in that I’m actually in Brazil!  Check the Facebook page Centro de Treinamento Missionario Brasil or something like that to see a group photo of me a little later today.  I miss you already!
Sister Faulconer